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Song(s) I~ya I~ya I~ya, Lets drop dead
Illust by: Tera Terada
Physical Features
Hair color Turqoise
Eye color Turqoise
Gender ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Status Alive
Race Human
Friends I
Yaya and I


Yaya is a person with turquoise hair, a pink clip at the top of their head, and turquoise eyes. In the I~ya I~ya I~ya PV, Yaya wears a pink hat on their head, white-pink plain t-shirts with weed logo on it, light blue shorts and a pair of pink sneakers. There is also a bandage patched on their left leg. Meanwhile in Let's drop dead, Yaya sports out a pink tracksuit with blue collar and a pair of white sport shoes.


Same as I, Yaya is described as a lazy person, hopeless and wasting their whole time.


  • Some fans speculate Yaya might be a boy.
  • Based on the I~ya I~ya I~ya PV some fans speculate they might be an alcoholic.
  • Yaya’s full name is 梅沢 八千代, or Umesawa Yachiyo, as confirmed by Tera Terada.


Yaya sports out in pink tracksuit in Let's drop dead

Yaya and I in Let's drop dead Posted by Tera Terada on her twitter.

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