Terada Tera
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Also Known As trcoot
Kanji/romanji 寺田てら
Gender Female
Date of Birth  ?
Age  ?
Association Neru, Nayutan Alien, Nanawoakari
Status Active
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Career Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She drew the artwork for Haribote, and drew and animated Happy-chan in Happy Ni Naritai.
  • She also drew the artwork of I~Ya, I~Ya, I~Ya and Let's Drop Dead.
  • She speaks a little English, and usually answers questions on her Tumblr in English.

Works Edit

Song Title Date Vocal Producer
Zenmai in My Heart,Mainspring in My Heart 15.10.2014 Hatsune Miku MoruP
N 14.02.2017 Kagamine Rin KurageP
Happy Ni Naritai 28.06.2017 Nanawokari Neru
Bibiccha Inai 26.07.2017 Nanawokari Neru
Hitogoroshi no Bakemono, Murder Monster, A Monstrous Monster 30.08.2017 Hatsune Miku KurageP
I~Ya I~Ya I~Ya 10.11.2017 Kagamine Rin & Len Neru
Let's drop dead 29.12.2017 Kagamine Rin & Len Neru

Gallery Edit


A compilation image of many of Terada Tera's characters (as well as some others).

Terada tera neru

Art for Neru by Terada Tera. It is his current Twitter header (as of 2/28/17).

Happy-chan & haribote

Happy-chan and Haribote.