Neru Wikia
Kanji/Romanji テディ太
Song(s) Tokyo Teddy Bear
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Status Alive (?)
Race Human
Siblings Raku
My life's game of musical chairs.


Teddy wears a black parka with pink stripes, and dark shorts. His hair is black and his eyes' color is unknown, but it is mostly interpreted as black. He appears to have numerous bruises, some of which are patched by bandages.

In the illustration provided by Sidu, he is depicted as sitting in a box, hugging a teddy bear.


Teddy is seemingly a normal boy, but he ran away from home due to being bullied by his schoolmates, as well as being mentally abused by his family.

Another popular theory is that Teddy is actually somebody who used to hide their real feelings and himself behind a mask to get everyone to like him, but then realized that it wasn't the solution, and decided to be his real self around people.


  • He is sometimes referred to as Teddyta. The Kanji of his name on this page can be read as such, and it is the usual writing of his name in the Japanese fanbase.
  • He likes his teddy bear very much.
  • He likes riddles and word plays.
  • He has a big brother and a big sister. Raku is probably his big sister.


Rough sketch by Sidu.

Teddyta's full illustration from the video.

A drawing of Teddyta by Sidu.

A doodle by Sidu.