Kanji/Romanji 田中
Song(s) Saikyouiku
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Dark gray
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Weight ?
Status Alive
Race Other (?)
Friends Yamaguchi, E, Raku, Tsuji, Azuma
Raising a flower that will surely hurt someone
Tanaka & Yamaguchi


Saikyouiku rough sketch highest def

Tanaka (left) & Yamaguchi (right) Rough sketch by Sidu

He wears a gray gakuran with yellow jersey pants. He has what seems to be a jacket tied around his waist backwards. His eyes are black and his hair is dark gray and cut straight. He wears white school slippers with his name written on them. His skin from the neck down seems to be all black. He has wolf-like ears that seem to be pointed downward when compared to Yamaguchi's.


Tanaka is a boy who appeared in the Saikyouiku PV. Not much is known about his past, however, it seems that he and Yamaguchi were bullied in their childhood. He may have fought in a war, as seen in the chorus, where he and

Yamaguchi threaten/kill dreams with a "selfish knife" and "sophistic justice". The lyrics state that their loneliness won't heal, and that they are unable to figure out real happiness. They also cannot see a better future for themselves.

Sidu characterizes him as calm and quiet, however, he actually hides a dirty mouth. He has had interactions with E, Raku, and Yamaguchi. E looks at him with displeasure, as does Yamaguchi, although it seems she has a crush on him. He wields a knife as his weapon. He likes potato chips, like Yamaguchi.


  • His race is not confirmed yet.
    • There's a lot of speculation that Tanaka and Yamaguchi are half-youkai (半妖) due to their dog/wolf ears and skin color.
    • Another theory is that they were originally human, but experimented on to give them wolf-like features. This theory has support, as (assuming that the Neru songs all took place in one universe) E may have been a fellow experiment (although given robot parts instead of animal parts).
  • He is Neru's favorite male character.
  • Likes to tease E about his height.
  • He also seems to know Tsuji, as they went to the beach together. We can also assume he knows Azuma.
  • On 10th August 2013, Neru asked for pictures of Tanaka in a sailor seifuku uniform as his birthday present.
  • He is left handed.


My kids

Yamaguchi, Tanaka, and Raku having a fun time together, as E watches on. (Art by Sidu)

Beach days

Tsuji, Tanaka, and Yamaguchi, all ready for the beach.

Tanaka vs e

Height difference with E. (Art by Sidu)

Saikyouiku icon

Yamaguchi: You're stupid. Tanaka: I'm not stupid. (Art by Sidu)

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Don't mess with Yamaguchi's potato chips. (Art by Sidu)

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