Neru Wikia
Kanji/Romanji ラク
Song(s) Abstract Nonsense (main), appears in Re-education
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Black
Eye color Yellow
Gender Female
Status Alive (?)
Race Human
Siblings Teddy
Friends Tanaka, Yamaguchi, E
Goodbye, dear me.


Raku wears a black sailor seifuku with a white ribbon, and a pair of black shoes. She has black hair that ends above her shoulders, with long bangs and tips that curve outward, with some framing her face and curling inwards. Her eyes are of a dull yellow color, and have a constant look of weariness. 

She is generally known for her signature smirking expression, and her gesture of pointing her right hand to the side of her head, as if it were a gun.  

She is also commonly associated with bandages or vinyl tape, particularly when wrapped/spun around her neck.  


Raku has a depressing and nihilistic personality. She is suicidal, and has made many attempts to kill herself, however, she is too scared to actually go through with it.

She is friends with Tanaka and Yamaguchi, as she appears in their PV, and has been seen with them in Sidu's comics. She might know E as well, as he is shown in the same comic.


  • She likes to eat cakes; in a namahousou, Neru said that she would conquer the world for cakes.
  • It is speculated that Teddy is her brother. If that is true, then she has another unnamed brother, as Tokyo Teddy Bear mentions that Teddy has both a sister and a brother.
  • She made an appearance in "Saikyouiku".


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Yamaguchi, Tanaka, and Raku having a fun time together, as E watches on. (Art by Sidu)