Illustrators, singers, and other producers who have collaborated with Neru.

Nanawoakari Edit


twitter : @Nanawokari

She is a singer known for collaborating with many Vocaloid producers. She constantly collaborates with Neru and Terada Tera, as seen in "Happy ni Naritai".

TOI Edit


twitter : @Number_toi'

TOI illustrated the artwork for 21st Seiki Exemplify.

Yasu Edit


twitter : @yasu_Tinkle

He mixed and mastered the song FPS.

Demizuposuka Edit


twitter : @DemizuPosuka

He illustrated the artwork for Overslept and Sennou.

potchi Edit

potchi illustrated the art for some of Neru's earlier songs such as Ningen Shikkaku and Electronic Genocide.

Nomore Edit


twitter : @nomoretyan

Nomore illustrated the artwork for Garakuta Parade.

Daikyoukin Edit

He is known for his piano playing skills. He collaborated with Neru on songs such as Kanashimi No Nami ni Oboreru and How-To Sekai Seifuku.

Yamaji (now known as LITCHI) Edit

twitter : @_holyfruit

He played lead guitar for Abstract Nonsense. He was also part of the chorus for Dappo Rock.

Zauni Edit


twitter : @posaunee

He collaborated with Neru in producing Kodama, Hekikai, and Nayuta wo Misadamu Aglaophonos no Shihen.

tomoboP Edit


twitter : @tomobop

He mixes and masters some of Neru's songs such as Sekai wo Kowashiteiru, Idola No Circus and Terror.

Gibson Edit


twitter : @Gibson_Mitsuya

He is known for his guitar playing skills, and has collaborated with many Vocaloid producers.

Chibidora Edit


twitter : @chibidora_niko

Chibidora is known for playing the piano and collaborated with Neru on Sekai O Kowashiteru.

Takuto Edit


twitter : @official_takuto

He is a singer who has collaborated with Neru on original songs such as "Boku wa Kimi no Agitator Ja Nai" and "Kosute Yama".

John Hathway Edit


twitter : @JohnHathway

He illustrated the artwork for Overclock.

Mafumafu Edit

OvqZm 5v 400x400

twitter: @uni_mafumafu

Mafumafu is an extremely popular singer, and is known for being really good friends with Neru. He has done many official collabs with Neru for albums, collaborated with Neru on his own songs, and has done many covers of Neru's songs online. He is known for covering almost all of Neru's songs with an off-vocal, including some without one, such as "Enmei Chiryou", in which case he made his own arrange.

Soraru Edit

DMfTzKmA 400x400

twitter : @soraruru

He is known for constantly collaborating with Mafumafu. He collaborated with Neru as the vocals for "Anonymous Onchuu" and "Sekai Wo Kowashiteiru" on the "My Name is Love Song" bonus album. Along with that, he regularly does covers of Neru's songs.

Rib Edit


twitter : @singing_rib

He provided the vocals for Life is Howling (Jinsei wa Hoeru).

Yuno ゆの Edit


twitter : @_emakaw

She illustrated for the Byoumei Wa Ai Datta PV.