Song(s) Byoumei wa Ai Datta
Illust by: Yuno ゆの
Physical Features
Hair color White
Eye color Black/Pink (?)
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Race Human
Friends Byo
Byo and Mei


Mei has long white hair and pale skin.She has black-pink eyes.She wears white hospital dress, and seems to have a black singlet. Her entire right thigh and forehead covered with dressings.

65087363 p1

Mei rough sketch by Ema


Based on the PV, Mei is seen as a sick girl and is hospitalized.Same as Byo,she has a mysterious illness and she only have few months left to live. In the end, Byo and Mei died due to fever.



65087363 p0

A drawing of the characters from the "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" PV.

65087363 p3

A rough design sketch revealing the bandages on the girl's body, as well as some other design notes. The designs seem to be unused in the final drawings for the video.


A sketch of the girl from the "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" PV from Yuno's Twitter, celebrating the video's release.

65087363 p4

Drawings that were used in the "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" PV.