Kanji/Romanji まもる
Song(s) Lost One no Goukoku
Illust by: 456
Physical Features
Hair color Black
Eye color Saturated blue
Gender Male
Height 156cm
Weight ?
Status Alive
Race Human
Siblings Idola, Karasuma*(Not official yet)
Friends Tsuji
This sobbing can't be stopped.


Mamoru is a teenage boy who wears a school uniform and a pair of white shoes. His hair is black and his eyes are a saturated blue.


Mamoru is the protagonist of Lost One no Goukouku. The song shows his struggle on the school’s exam and ranking.

He is deemed to be good at Mathematics and Sciences. Although, it seems that he is not good in the subject Language. Not really mentioned, but he looks like he is interested about arts and painting. He is very mature for his age.


  • He has a big sister, Idola. Karasuma has not been confirmed yet as Mamoru and Idola's siblings.
  • Based on the namahousou of August 15th 2014, 456 and Neru have thoughs about Mamoru being gangraped while making the PV of Lost One no Goukouku.
  • He has experienced a lot crossdressing, based on 456’s drawings.
  • He loves fried shrimp.
  • He hates carrots.
  • Lately, he was confirmed as a middle school student.
  • Based on a tweet on March 8th 2013, Neru approves TsujiMamoru.
  • He likes Mathematics and Sciences but hates Language.
  • He has a ‘clever student’ counterpart which is called Mamoru Number 2 (まもる二号) who is always showed with a paper on his face.