Kanji/Romanji クイナ
Song(s) Datsugoku
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Black
Eye color Orange
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Human
Friends Kawasemi (past)
Rival/Enemies Kawasemi (present)


Kuina has black hair and orange-red eyes.

As a child, he has googles pushed up on his forehead. He wears a black shirt with blue pants. He seems to have a matching jacket tied around his waist. He also has yellow sneakers.

As an adult, he wears a police/military uniform. It is black with gold highlights on the chest, cuffs, and shoulder pads. He still wears his old goggles around his waist. He has matching black shoes and a matching hat. When he is doing his job, he wears an orange blindfold with a cross on it to prevent him from seeing who or what he is confronting.

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Based on the PV and a couple theories, Kawasemi and Kuina were friends when they were kids. They both shared the same dream of escaping the city that they lived in, which was surrounded by a large cage. Together, they planned to build a plane so they could leave. Back then, Kuina seemed to be the most interested in their project and the most determined out of the two of them.

Later, when Kuina grew up, he forgot about his dreams and joined the army/police force, while Kawasemi still followed their old dream.

When Kawasemi finished building the plane, Kuina is sent out with his task force to try and capture and prevent him from leaving the city. Kawasemi is almost shot by Kuina, who was wearing a mask, however, Kawasemi throws a knife at Kuina, ripping off his mask, and runs away to the plane.

Unfortunately, as the plane is taking off, the engine overheats, and although there were warning signs, Kawasemi continues flying anyway. As soon as he escapes the cage, the plane explodes, killing him in the process. Kuina is then seen shocked and in despair as he watches his childhood friend die.


  • In Japan, a kuina is a kind of bird that can't fly.
  • He might be an orphan.
  • He may be interested in cats, as Sidu sometimes draws him surrounded by cats (via Sidu's Tumblr).


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