Kanji/Romanji カワセミ
Song(s) Datsugoku
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Orange
Eye color Saturated cyan
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Human
Friends Kuina (past)
Rival/Enemies Kuina (present)


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Kuina (left ) and Kawasemi (right) rough sketch by Sidu

Kawasemi has orange hair and saturated cyan eyes.

As a child, he wears a blue full body jumpsuit with brown pockets and brown shoes. He has his signature goggles around his neck.

As an adult, he wears a white shirt with a black vest over it. He has blue pants with large brown pockets and three belts. He has brown shoes, and he wears black gloves. He wears an aviator hat, and wears his goggles on his forehead.


Based on the PV and a couple theories, Kawasemi and Kuina were friends when they were kids. They both shared the same dream of escaping the city that they lived in, which was surrounded by a large cage. Together, they planned to build a plane so they could leave. Back then, Kawasemi seemed to follow Kuina's ideas instead of suggesting his own.

However, as they grew up and followed their own path, Kuina joined the army/police force, and left Kawasemi behind, who still wanted to follow their childhood dream. Eventually, Kawasemi built the plane by himself, and on his way to fly it, he meets Kuina again, who points a gun at him, although he was wearing a blindfold. Kawasemi throws a knife at Kuina, ripping off his mask, and smiles, before he runs to the platform to take off.

Kawasemi managed to escape the cage around the city, however, on the way out, the engine overheated, and the plane exploded, killing him.


  • In Japanese, kawasemi is the word for the common kingfisher, which is a type of bird.
  • He might be an orphan.
  • He is really scared of insects.


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