Kanji/Romanji ユース
Song(s) Inochi No Justitia
Illust by: Sakurai (Sidu)
Physical Features
Hair color Saturated blue
Eye color Light blue
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Human
Friends Tia
It buds towards the 「Future」

Appearance Edit

Jus as a saturated blue hair with an ahoge (stupid hair) on the top. He has light blue eyes. His outfit is kind of elaborated, with blue, white, grey and gold colors.

Background Edit

Jus comes from the song Inochi no Justitia. Not really much is known about him, except that he's linked to Tia. He always has a serious face.

Trivia/Headcanon Edit

  • He has a sword.

Gallery Edit

Tumblr op9qqc10AW1scaal9o2 r1 1280

An illustrations of Jus and Tia from Sidu's Tumblr.