Kanji/Romaji CYNICISM
Realeased 28 March 2018
Illust by: Sudo Sota
Producer: Neru
Price ¥ 2000


Label NBC Universal
Track List
01. CYNICISM is (instrumental)
02. SNOBBISM Kagamine Rin and Len
03. Whatever whatever whatever (い~やい~やい~や) Kagamine Rin and Len feat. z'5
04. Let's Drop Dead (くたばろうぜ) Kagamine Rin and Len
05. March of Losers (敗者のマーチ) Kagamine Len
06. Law-evading Rock (脱法ロック) Kagamine Len
07. Song of Running Away (失踪チューン) Kagamine Rin
08. Even so, I gotta sing away (それでも僕は歌わなくちゃ) Hatsune Miku
09. Spare Me My Inferiority (この劣等感を救ってくれ) Kagamine Rin
10. Nihil and Sunken City (ニヒルと水没都市) Kagamine Len feat. z'5
11. Abandoned Stella (捨て子のステラ) Kagamine Rin
12. Hey, Lain (ねえ、レイン) Kagamine Len feat. z'5
13. What a Terrible Era (なんて物騒な時代だ) Kagamine Rin
14. The Disease Called Love (病名は愛だった) Kagamine Rin and Len feat. z'5
Track List(Limited Edition only)
01. The Disease Called Love (病名は愛だった) Neru Remix
02. Whatever whatever whatever (い~やい~やい~や) Neru Remix
03. SNOBBISM Neru Remix
DVD/PV (Limited Edition only)
01. Law-evading Rock (脱法ロック)
02. Abandoned Stella (捨て子のステラ
03. The Disease Called Love (病名は愛だった)
04. Whatever whatever whatever (い~やい~やい~や)
05. Let's Drop Dead (くたばろうぜ)


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