Song(s) Byoumei wa Ai Datta
Illust by: Yuno ゆの
Physical Features
Hair color White
Eye color Black/Pink (?)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Human
Friends Mei
Byo and Mei

Appearance Edit

Byo has short white hair and pale skin. He has black-pink eyes. He wears white hospital clothes. His entire left arm and forehead is covered with dressings.There is a bandage patched on his face as well.

65087363 p2

Byo rough sketch by Ema

Background Edit

Based on the PV, Byo is seen as a sick boy and is hospitalized. Same as Mei, he has a mysterious illness and he only has a few months left to live. In the end, Byo and Mei die due to a fever.

Trivia/Headcanon Edit

Gallery Edit

65087363 p0

A drawing of the characters from the "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" PV.

65087363 p4

Drawings that were used in the "Byoumei wa Ai Datta" PV.