Neru Wikia
Song(s) How-To Sekai Seifuku
Illust by: Sidu
Physical Features
Hair color Before How-To Sekai Seifuku events : Black

After : Orange

Eye color Saturated cyan
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Human
Friends Tsuji, Yamaguchi, Tanaka, E
I was no longer hearing nothing but my own voice.


Azuma is a girl who appears to be a young adult. She has short black hair, which is dyed in a orange color and saturated cyan eyes. She has hair clips arranged in an X pattern on the sides of her hair. She wears a military uniform with a red armband, as well as a pair of black gloves and a grey skirt. She occasionally wears a surgery mask.

As a student before the events of How-to Sekai Seifuku, she wears a generic black and white sailor seifuku. Her hair was also straight and dark, as well as a bit longer.


Azuma is a girl who appeared as a main character in the album "Sekai Seifuku". She also appeared in the How-to Sekai Seifuku PV. 

Like Tsuji, she was probably bullied at school. When she was enrolled in high school, she was a soft and sweet girl, but after the events of How-to Sekai Seifuku, she became cold and cool.

A popular theory about her is that she actually shot out her school with Tsuji and became a terrorist at the end of the song.


  • She often wears a surgery mask.
  • She's always armed with a rifle.
  • She constantly critiques Tsuji.
  • Since Tsuji seems to know Yamaguchi, Tanaka, and, to an extent, Mamoru, we can assume Azuma knows them too.
  • She also knows E, as in one of Sidu's drawings of him, she is speaking offscreen about him.
  • She's also victim of the popular joke in the fandom where she's teased because of her lack of eyebrows in her orange-haired version, but not as often as Tsuji.


Rough sketches of Tsuji and Azuma by Sidu.

Tsuji and Azuma during the summertime.

KuroAzuma/Azuma before her change in the video, drawn by Sidu.